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Insane Quiz (free)

Insane Quiz is exactly what the title says. INSANE.

Inside you will find many questions you must answer "correctly".

Remember that you have only one life ...


Goodnight stories

The application goodnight stories is a free educational application through which young children can have a pleasant time reading stories.

The stories/ fairytales are made in a way that will give children the opportunity to learn the basic colors, the numbers, animals and more,  through a simple and beautifully designed environment.

Currently there are two stories/fairytales in the application for free, “The way to home” and “Hippo’s Birthday”. The second one will be available after the second update of the application.

In order to choose a story/fairytale you just have to click on the image twice and the fun begins!

For any comment/observation or clarification you can always contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Learn the Alphabet and more (paid: 1.49€)

“Learn the Alphabet and more ...” is an educational application for every kid. With this application, kids can learn all the English alphabet, more than 100 words and also how the words are spelled.

.:: Few words about the application ::.

“Learn the Alphabet and more ...” is a good way to teach your child the spelling of a word and what objects / animals / etc start with every letter.

Every letter* has three levels and every level contains 2 images. The kid can always move to the next (or previews) level. The children will learn more than 100 words!!!

*The letter “X” contains one level.

The interface is simple so all the kids can easily use it, with beautiful colors and funny pictures that makes this application extremely unique.

.:: Full version includes ::.

- 100+ words

- 100+ images

- All the English Alphabet

- 70+ levels

.:: Lite version includes ::.

- 36 words

- 36 images

- 6 letters (a to f) from the English Alphabet

- 18 levels

Top ten

Top ten is a game of questions where 2 teams can play (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc).

The goal of the game is that each team tries to find as many answers as possible in each question in order to get the most points, but you will have to be fast because time will pressure you!

Each question has 10 answers, so the more points (answers) in each round the closer your team gets to winning.

All answers to questions are scored with 3 different points: 1, 2 and 5, always according to the difficulty level of each answer.  Certain answers , which are easier, receive lower score points (for example, there might not be a score point 5) so, consequently, that would make a lower sum in points.

Each question that you answer correctly will give you one score point (1, 2, or 5).

In the game settings you can choose the name of your team, the time (in seconds) that you wish for each round to have (30, 45, 60, 75 and 90) as well as how many rounds you want the game to last (for example, 10 rounds are 20 questions / 10 for each team).

If at the end of the game’s time you realize that you didn’t note down one of the answers that a team gave, you can note it down after the ending time as well.

Each game contains more than 300 questions with 10 answers for each question.

Design: Thodoris Psathas
Development: Nikolaos Ioannidis