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We actual improve programming skills using Lego Mindstorms NXT.

Three Robots are available eBusi 1:

  • "The grandpapa" eBusi1 is our oldest robot.

Actually is the first one that we bought and created. That is the reason that he is now called "grandpapa". Children are using it at this level just to learn how to program his movement. He is being destroyed and re-build at the same figure.

  • Santa Lego: "The Happy Lego"

His name is due to the fact that it was bought at Christmas time and his first transformation was as a Santa Clause. He is being used from children and adults.

  • Transformer: "Immortal"

He is immortal because he has no specific figure. He is always destroyed at the start of the class and gets into a new shape at the end of the class. So children believe that he never dies!