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To create morph and warp movies

Additional Info

  • Name of producer: debugmode
  • Type of product: WinMorph™ is a high performance morphing and warping software
  • License: Freeware
  • What does the software allow you to do?: Image warping Image morphing Video warping Video morphing
  • Other: WinMorph can work in two modes - as a standalone application using which you can do image warping/morphing effects; and as a "Plug-in" with many video editors to leverage more functionality for video warping/morphing and other complex effects. Currently supported video editors are Adobe Premiere, Vegas Video and Wax
  • What formats does the software uses or import and export?: Import : Windows Bitmaps (bmp) Jpeg Complaint (jpg, jpe, jpeg) Zsoft Paintbrush (pcx) Portable Network graphics (png) Portable AnyMap Files (pbm, pgm, pnm, ppm) Photoshop (psd) SGI Image File (sgi, bw, rgb, rgba) Truevision Targa (tga) Tagged Image File Format (tif, tiff) DirectDraw Surfaces (dds) Icons (ico) Alias PIX (pix) Paint Shop Pro (psp) Alias PIX (xpm) export : Macromedia Flash files (swf) Windows bitmaps (bmp) JPEG Complaint (jpg, jpe, jpeg) Portable Network Graphics (png) Photoshop (psd) Truevision Targa (tga) Tagged Image File Format (tif, tiff) AVI files (avi) APEG-1 Videos (mpg)
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