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Click on the button below to download the .zip file that contains the Game and follow the instructions below to install it on your computer.


How to install and play the Game

Firstly be sure that you have installed a regular commercial version of Neverwinter Nights Deluxe Edition on your computer; becouse this is a Mod (modification) of the game, it works only when the complete original version is installed. It doesn' work with demo version of the commercial game, but you can find it very easily at a very low cost, due it's an almost old title.

When you have downloaded the .zip file above, decompress all its content inside the folder named Modules in the root directory of Neverwinter Nights Deluxe Edition. To launch the game, start Neverwinter nights Deluxe Edition, then select a new game , select Other Modules and select to load "The Galileo Gelilei Senarium" and the game will start.