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Modeling, Rendering, Painting tool
MKV to AVI Converter enables you to convert your files MKV with format AVI, but also to divide them into smaller files and to publish them  
To integrate several instant messengers into one single application.
Create and edit models for games like Quake I, II, III, Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, including full animation or write custom export plugin with the SDK
It was created to allow players to create their own racing tracks.
Conversion of multimediafiles
MAGIX Video deluxe 2007 is a solution of video assembly complete for PC. It offers all to you which you need for reading, treating and to engrave your video recordings.
To encode audio files into mp3
The uses of LAB very many and are thus varied: - Creation of a menu for your vidéos (DivX…) - Creation of a menu for your compilations audios - Creation…
View, convert, optimize, scan and print images Create slideshows Batch processing Play movies and sounds
Creating and editing graphic
To integrate several audio- and videostreams.
This PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click
Image Armada is a virtual gallery that can be used for several purposes within that context. Some of the more common uses for Image Armada are: Displaying family photographs in…
To convert images into icons.
Icon editor
To let players create their own Homeworld II maps.
It was released for players to be able to create their own maps.
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